Our curriculum intent is encompassed in our statement, ‘Desire to learn, learn to achieve’. We intend that our children have the very best quality education which fuels their desire to learn and gives them the tools they need to transform their lives. We intend that all children, regardless of their starting points, are enabled to achieve their very best which in turn builds confidence and raises aspiration. Our intent is to support the development of each child through a varied and progressive curriculum accessible to all. Underpinned with the explicit teaching of language acquisition, reading and enriching experiences, our curriculum opens up the world for our children and drives their desire to continue to learn and achieve. #transforminglives


Our curriculum is implemented primarily through Cornerstones Maestro. As a tool, it ensures that our curriculum is progressive from the initial starting points in Nursery until the end of  Year 6. The programmes of study, developed from the 2014 National Curriculum are developed to:

Engage children – hooking them into their new learning with an over view of the curriculum

Develop and secure a deep knowledge of keep concepts through well sequenced and structured lessons

Innovate  – children to apply their knowledge and link concepts together in a project and finally

Express – children are given the opportunity to express their learning through assessment activities.

Our curriculum is underpinned with linked quality text and we actively teach key vocabulary to enable children to gain a deep understanding of the topic. Topics are also enriched through a range of activities which help to bring the learning alive.

The long term plan, is developed to ensure that children are able to build upon prior learning, drawing on knowledge from previous year groups and topics and extending their thinking into new learning.

Our Cornerstones curriculum is supported by other schemes and experts. Further information can be found on the Wider curriculum page.

Star Academy Long Term Curriculum Overview 2021-2022

For more information on how we make our curriculum accessible for all pupils, see our SEND Information Report.


Our curriculum, developed from early Years, also has an eye on the future for our children and GCSE syllabi. It ensures that pupils are prepared for their next stages and can transition with the necessary knowledge and skills to bring them success and raise attainment. The enrichment opportunities strive to broaden horizons and give children a taste of what their futures could hold.