It is our core responsibility to ensure that students have access to the very best education possible. One of the most fundamental and influential aspects of a child’s education is the curriculum that they have access to. The power of curriculum is immense. It has the power to not only transform an individual, but to also transform whole communities and shape their understanding of the world and their place in it. Therefore, it is imperative that the curriculum on offer within our academies is truly world class and gives students access to powerful knowledge that takes them far beyond what their own individual experience ever could. In order to achieve this we must ensure we expose all students ‘to the best that has been thought and said and engender an appreciation of human creativity and achievement’. To truly transform lives we must not only show students what is possible but inspire and instil the confidence in them to go out and do it.

All learners will experience a curriculum that

1. is ambitious and enjoyable through knowledge and skills developed from Foundation Stage

2. is knowledge rich, ensuring access to a wide, global cultural capital – thus maximising lifetime opportunities.

3. is inclusive, nurturing and tailored towards the needs of the individual.

4. is focused on developing the very best oracy, literacy, numeracy and digital skills – enabling access to the widest learning and the very best careers possible to ensure we develop global citizens.

5. is enriching, ensuring all experience a rich variety of cultural, artistic and sporting activities.

6. is broad in terms of coverage and (at least) encompassing the breadth of the 2014 English National Curriculum.

7. celebrates the uniqueness of each educational setting in terms of localised knowledge and skills.

8. develops character, personal pride and the highest moral standards.

9. celebrates diversity, challenges injustice, promotes equality and encourages the creation of a better world.

10. is delivered by well-qualified, forward-thinking, skilled, passionate professionals.


At Star Academy our intent will be implemented through the Cornerstones Curriculum and develop values of being Smart, Tolerant, Ambitious and Resilient.

Star Academy uses Cornerstones and we have designed a curriculum which ensures a comprehensive and sequential schemata. There is a strong belief in teaching in detail and depth where links between subjects ensure that concepts are well understood and form a basis for future learning.

Our Long term plan has been chosen to ensure that whilst we have coverage of the national curriculum, there are links between topics and year groups which allow a natural chronology or connection. For example. Where year two learn about significant people, we connect British pilots and American pilots, giving the children their first encounter with the USA. In Year three, this is developed further with a focus on the basic geography of the USA and the history of the first settlers. In year three we continue the idea of early settlements with Stone Age Britain and in Year 5 we look more closely at the geography of North America and how farming would be crucial to all early settlements. The children gather a shared language through these connections and build deepened concepts which allow ease of learning later on.

Knowledge organisers, pop quizzes and subject/concept block teacher assessments are undertaken to check understanding. Pupil conferences and book scans are also used to establish the knowledge and skills children have acquired. Alongside the formative assessment there are termly summative assessments to establish the impact on reading, writing and mathematics.

Star Cornerstones Long Term Plan 2021-2022


Our curriculum, developed from early Years, also has an eye on the future for our children and GCSE syllabi. It ensures that pupils are prepared for their next stages and can transition with the necessary knowledge and skills to bring them success and raise attainment. The enrichment opportunities strive to broaden horizons and give children a taste of what their futures could hold.