We are proud of the positive behaviour standards at Star Academy. Children develop their relationships and understanding of choice through our STAR culture and values, which are underpinned by our PSHE curriculum.

We have developed a consistent approach to our behaviour routines which helps children to have a clear understanding of how to behave. We call this approach the Star Academy Way.

Children and staff are inclusive and supportive towards each other
reflecting the high expectations that we have at Star Academy for all

The Bromcom system and My Child at School App allows parents to see rewards and consequences.

The Reward System Star Way 

Children will be actively praised for good behaviour which demonstrates good choices with their actions, words and learning attitudes and includes behaviours which keep them safe and healthy.  

Praise will be verbal feedback, positive/ Bromcom rewards points, star stickers, Principal/ Executive Principal stickers and further awards for learning given weekly in class praise assemblies.   

Children will be rewarded Bromcom Reward Points for the following positive behaviours:  

  • For demonstrating the Star Academy Way for Culture 
  • Their own personal achievements 
  • Being smart or safe and making smart or safe decisions  
  • Being tolerant towards each other  
  • Showing ambition  
  • Showing resilience  


Parents can view reward points given on the My Child at School App.  

Consequences the Star Way 

Where adults identify poor choices being made, they will follow these steps:  


T1 – A verbal request and support to stop with a reminder of what the behaviour should look like – Providing consequences for learners not meeting expectations as outlined above will be consistently followed by all staff; 


T2 – Second Warning resulting in a call home from the class teacher or learning support assistant. Restorative conversations will take place. 


T3 – Where persistent disruption to learning, inappropriate or derogatory language is used or there is a high level of physical behaviour, T3 will be given, and parents will be called by a member of the Senior Leadership Team and the consequence will be discussed.  


T4 – Internal suspension. Persistent behaviours, physical behaviours, unacceptable language, discrimination and child on child abuse are a significant cause of concern. A member of the Senior Leadership Team will arrange a meeting with parents, refer to external agencies, review what pastoral intervention can be put in place to support, a Team Around the Child Meeting will take place and a plan will be put into place. For internal suspension, pupils will work outside of the classroom in a designated area with a member of staff present. 

T5- Continuation of these behaviours will result in the child having to learn from home with a fixed term suspension.  


Trust Behaviour Policy