Our vision for all children at Star Academy Sandyford, from their earliest steps in Nursery until they leave us in year 6, is encapsulated by the motto ‘Desire to learn, learn to achieve.’ We nurture the desire to be a life-long learner. We enable each and every child to have the skills and knowledge they would need to achieve their very best for their next steps and beyond, equipping them for a life of success and happiness. We provide quality first teaching and an exciting, enriched broad curriculum that is key to fostering the best learning attitudes. We prepare them for a life within their community and beyond.

Our motto is underpinned by four key values:

Smart; Tolerant; Ambitious; Resilient

Our daily routines work to embed these four values in order to ensure that our children grow not only academically, but with the strength of character that will lead to a successful future as a valued and healthy member of society.