Welcome to Early Years! Children’s early educational experiences play an important role in developing them as inquisitive and engaged learners. Within our Early Years we provide an enrich and enabling environment that develops curiosity, awe and wonder. Children have access to a wide range of learning opportunities both inside and outside, allowing them to explore learning is a variety of ways. Staff listen carefully, ask questions and share knowledge within play to develop the children’s skills and understanding.

Curriculum overview

Our curriculum is enriched by a variety of first hand experiences that support children’s learning. We design activities to encourage children to be develop a desire for learning and to learn to achieve. We aim to provide children with the core skills and knowledge that they need to be prepared for the next stage of their education and future life. Reading is a key driver within our curriculum, empowering children to read for knowledge and enjoyment. Parents are an essential part of learning for the children and string relationships are fostered with staff. Community events are held, inviting family members into the academy to support the children in their learning.