Senior Leadership Team

Principal, Joint Early Years Leader, English Leader and Wider Curriculum Lead – Mrs K. Wildman

Assistant Principal, Maths Leader and Personal Development Leader – Mrs C. Lewis

SENCO, Inclusion Leader, PE Leader,  Staff welfare lead – Mrs L. Eptlett

Joint Early Years Lead –Mrs Hobbs



Administration Team

Operational Office Manager – Mrs Bell

HR/Finance Administrator – Mrs S.Williams

Administration Assistant – Miss Hodgkinson


Teachers – Mrs Turner and Mrs Hobbs

Early Years Practitioner – Mrs Green

Learning Support – Mrs Homer


Teacher – Mrs Dabbs

Early Years Practitioner – Mrs Parker-Bowen

Year 1

Teacher – Mrs Billingham

Learning Support – Mrs Tomkinson

Year 2

Teacher – Mrs Knowles

Learning Support – Mrs Birchall and Mrs Keogh

Year 3

Teacher – Miss Akhtar

Learning Support – Mrs Andrews

Year 4

Teacher – Mrs Pitt

Learning Support – Mrs Bithell

Year 5

Teacher – Mr Nicholls

Learning Support – Mrs Maltby and Miss Lovatt

Year 6

Teacher – Mrs Eptlett

Learning Support – Mrs Dean and Miss Lovatt


Support Staff

Home School Link Worker – Mrs C. Williams

Site Supervisor – Mr Green

Catering Supervisor – Mrs Chamberlain

Catering Assistants – Miss Mould, Miss Hopwood, Mrs  Stanway

Senior Lunchtime Supervisor – Mrs Dean

Lunchtime Supervisors – Mrs Nerney, Mrs Johnson, Mrs Pedley, Miss Bell-Sandy, Miss Blackhurst, Miss Stanway,

Domestic Supervisor – Mrs Stanway

Domestic Assistant – Mrs Nerney, Miss Bangala, Miss Stanway (Casual)

Support Services

Educational Welfare Officer – Mrs Wood

Traveller Education Officer – Mrs J Softley