Start of Day:  Doors open at 8.30 (8.40am Nursery) Gates close 8.45am
Morning Break: KS1 10.30 – 10.45am & KS2 10.45 – 11.00am
Lunchtime: 12:00 – 12.45 pm for Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1
12:30 – 1.15pm for Key Stage 2
End of Day: 11.40am Nursery , Reception & KS1 3.10pm and 3.15pm KS2

Children who are late for school (arriving after 8.45 am) must enter the Academy via the Office. After 9.00am, they will have their arrival recorded in the Late Register.

Absence – Only exceptional circumstances warrant a leave of absence.

Authorised Absence will only be authorised where the Academy has given approval in advance for a pupil to not be in attendance or has accepted an explanation offered afterwards as justification for the absence. Only the Academy can authorise absence.

Illness related absence will only be authorised in line with UK Health Security Agency Guidance or where evidence is provided for exceptional illness (UK Health Security Agency) Illness may be a physical or mental health issue.

Unauthorised Absence will be marked as unauthorised where the Academy is not satisfied with the reasons given for the absence.

 An unauthorised absence is where:

· The academy considers that the pupil was well enough to attend, but they did not

· Medical evidence is not provided for an illness absence of 5 days or more

· Medical evidence is not provided for a pupil at a level of persistent absence

· Absence immediately before or after a period of school holiday may not be routinely authorised

· Medical evidence is not provided where there is a regular pattern to illness absence

· The academy considers that the absence was not unavoidable or exceptional

· Medical appointments may not be authorised, if taken during the academy day

· If the academy considers that the pupil could have attended for part of the day but is absent for the whole day a proportionate unauthorised absence will be applied

· A leave of absence request is declined but still taken (this includes holidays in term time)

· If the academy has reasonable grounds or obtains evidence to suggest that information has been falsified when giving reasons for absence, then the academy may unauthorise the absence.

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