Welcome to Year Six

Our class teacher is Mr.Nicholls

Here is our daily timetable:


This half term we are learning about:

Geography – Frozen Kingdoms.

This project teaches children about the characteristics and features of polar regions, including the North and South Poles, and includes a detailed exploration of the environmental factors that shape and influence them.

History – Inuit.

This project teaches children about the Inuit way of life, including some of their cultural and artistic traditions.

Science – Electrical circuits and compounds

This project teaches children about electrical circuits, their components and how they function. They recognise how the voltage of cells affects the output of a circuit and record circuits using standard symbols. It also teaches children about programmable devices, sensors and monitoring. They combine their learning to design and make programmable home devices.

Art and Design – Environmental artists.

This project teaches children about the genre of environmental art. They study how artists create artwork that addresses social and political issues related to the natural and urban environment. Children work collaboratively to create artwork with an environmental message.

Design and Technology – Engineer

This project teaches children about remarkable engineers and significant bridges, learning to identify features, such as beams, arches and trusses. They complete a bridge-building engineering challenge to create a bridge prototype.

RE – Parinirvana/ Buddhism

Parinirvana is celebrated on the 15th of February and commemorates the death of Buddha and his passing into Nirvana.

During Parinirvana, Buddhists share the story of Buddha’s death and think about their own lives. A key teaching of Buddhism is that everything is impermanent so many Buddhists think about changes in their lives, their own deaths and rebirth into a different life. Many Buddhists also think about loved ones who have recently died. Buddhists may also visit temples to share food and give gifts to the monks during Parinirvana.

Writing – We will be looking at the book, The origin of Species. We will be doing a discovery narrative and an Explanation.

PE – We will be studying Dance and Tennis as well as swimming.

Maths – In maths this half-term we will be looking at Measurement which will involve converting different units of measurement. Can you get the children at home to look at different things that are measured such as items in the kitchen. What unit of measurement is used for liquid items? What unit of measurement is used for packaged items?

We will also be looking at ratio which involves looking at the relationship between numbers. After that we will be looking at Algebra which is a part of maths that uses letters and symbols instead of numbers. Each letter or symbol is a variable and can represent a range of values.

Finally, before half-term we will be looking at decimals and the importance of the decimal point and the values after the decimal, tenths, hundredths and thousandths. This will recall our prior knowledge of place value and where numbers sit in the place value grid.

Useful websites to use – TTRockstars, Purple Mash, Timestables.co.uk.

All of these are useful when learning timetables and have interactive games to aid learning.



Take a look at the poweful sticky knowledge that we need to remember below:



We are learning to understand and use this vocabulary:



Here are the books that are in our Reading Spine that we will become very familiar with this year:







Here are some of the things that we have been doing in the academy:






Useful websites that your child can use to practise skills they are learning at school: