Today in Soda can you have a go at the following Maths questions.

22 x 1

32 x 10

43 x 100

62 x 10

Remember to use the column multiplication method or partition the number into tens and ones and multiply and then add your answers together.



In Maths today we will complete our end of unit assessment.

Spr3.8.3 – Subtract lengths on Vimeo

Y3-Spring-Block-4-WO6-Subtract-lengths-2019.pdf (whiterosemaths.com)

Remember to send in your completed worksheets on class dojo.




As an extra challenge practise your times tables.

Times tables games – Learn them all here!




See the source image







Make sure that you read your reading book as an extra challenge see if you can write a summary of your reading book!

For an extra challenge think of 5 questions you still have about the book.


Don’t forget to practise your spellings on Edshed, if you cannot access Edshed I have put them below.

Access Nessy (logins can be found at the back of your reading journals) and practise your spellings.


Research and write a summary about how stone age came to an end.

‘Why did the Iron Age end so abruptly? Who invaded Britain? Where did the invasion come from?’