As part of the academy family, we ask that all children follow the prescribed dress code. The uniform ensures consistency amongst pupils and sets a leading example for all involved.

  Uniform items can be ordered online at www.lpclothing.co.uk

Academy Uniform

  • Star Academy Jumper/Cardigan or a purple jumper/ cardigan
  • White Shirt
  • Star Academy Tie
  • Grey Trousers ( boys or girls)
  • Grey Skirt or Pinafore
  • Grey or Black tights
  • Grey, Black or White Socks
  • Black shoes, no trainers
  • Purple Summer Dress (summer only)

Sport Uniform

  • Star Academy hoodie or zoodie (if desired)
  • White T shirt ( Star Academy T.Shirts available to order)
  • Black shorts
  • Black joggers or leggings


Hair needs to be suitable for Academy life. Long hair should be tied back. Fashion styles such as patterned shaved styles are not acceptable.


For safety reasons jewellery should not be worn in the Academy. Watches are permitted.
Stud earrings are acceptable as long as they can be removed by the child at PE times.

Uniform compliance

A smart uniforms improves discipline, self-esteem and self-respect. Uniform focuses attention upon learning and away from distractions.

So that all pupils have a sense of pride in their appearance, we ask that the uniform is worn approrpaitely and in its entirety as described above.

Pupils not adhering to the uniform code will be supported in ensuring they do not face discrimination because of this. Pupils arriving in trainers will be given black pumps or shoes  to wear (depending on size) until the end of the academy day. Pupils without ties will be given a replacement for the day. Parents will be informed that this has taken place so they can assist with ensuring the correct uniform is worn in future.

On occasions, where medical conditions are evidenced to the academy, there can and will be reasonable adjustments made.

Please contact the Principal, Mrs Wildman, if you have questions regarding the academy uniform.