Week commencing


TTrockstars – please log in to TTRockstars and spend a minimum of 30 mins on your tables.


Today we are looking at finding more facts about Penguins.

Use the websites to add facts to your sheets.



Look at the books on EPIC – there are lots of books that will help you to learn about our topic on the Frozen Kingdom.

Log In (getepic.com)

huu9573 – is our class code.


Using Colons To Mark Boundaries

Using Colons To Mark Boundaries

Use this worksheet to help you practice, the blue star is where you should be aiming.


What are classification keys? – BBC Bitesize

Look at this website.  Can you find 8 natural objects and use the learning from last week to put these objects into a classification key?

Remember to ask really specific questions and the answers must be yes or no!

You will need to repeat this until all of the objects are in groups by themselves.