What do you think today’s picture could be?  Write your prediction on the sheet.  Also write 5 questions you could ask about the image to find out more details.


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Today we look at another famous tale: Androcles and the Lion

Please complete activities 1 and 2.

If you need something a little easier, complete activity 1.

If you need a challenge, complete all of the activities.


You will need your text ready for the ZOOM call at 10am.

Please read up to page 75.

Answer these questions in sentences, remembering to use part of the question in your answer.

How has Michael’s feelings changed now he knows there is another human on the island?

List 3 issues Michael now has.

Why does Michael think his hopes of being rescued have now gone?

How is Michael feeling towards Kensuke?


You will need to use the spellings from the sheet on Monday.

Define It Spellings Sheet


Today is a chance for you to do something that you enjoy.
You can play, draw, cut, colour, go for a walk, listen to music.
Enjoy your day!