Please complete your times tables grids.

Time how long it takes to complete the first one and then try the second one.  Do you get quicker?

Multiplication Chart Times Tables To 12×12 1col


Today we continue our study of the traditional Zulu story from yesterday. We will read the second part of the story and then look at adverbials that are used within the text.

Tuesday Activities – What to do today – complete activity 1 and 2.

If you need something a little easier, complete activity 1.

If you need a challenge, complete all of the activities.

For activity three, here is an alternative version of the same story and then write a story map as outlined in task three.

Adverbials With Audio 1


Please read to the end of pg 73

What do these words mean?







Make a note on the meaning of these words.



Please also take time to enjoy a book with your family.



Please complete the handwriting sheet with your spellings on.

Yellow Spellings HW 1.3

Blue Spellings HW 1.3

Purple Spellings HW 1.3



Read through this PowerPoint and respond to the questions in your book.

Music Lesson 1