3rd March.


SODA 0303


3rd March.

Use co-ordinates in the first quadrant and join points to draw polygons.


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Shape coordinates Sheet 1

Shape coordinates Sheet 2


3rd March.

Determiners: Hero Dad.


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Determiners Hero Dad



3rd March.


Read p32-39 and then answer the questions which will be discussed on the Zoom session.

Who was father with in the barn when Laura went to see him?

What did father blame for the cows not being right?


Why did Laura think she hated her father?

Apart from Rosie, what are the name of the other cows?

What does Laura mean when she says ‘There was a big swell building.’?

What looked as if it might blow off at Granny Mays house?

Which word describes the wind when they were huddled around the fire?

What does it mean?

Why is Laura afraid?


3rd March.


Spelling sheets 0303




3rd March.

To learn about Onion skinning in animation.


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3rd March:

Hopes and Dreams.

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Write and draw one of your dreams and how it makes you feel.



Well-Being Wednesday.


3rd March.


Click here to see some ideas for well-being Wednesday.

Take some time to play today. Can you build a Lego model of the Leaning Tower of Pisa.

Why not watch the video about the Mona Lisa. Click here to watch the video.

Draw your own version of the Mona Lisa..

Design your own Roman city.

Design your own Roman Mosaic using the template below.

Mosaic Template Sheet

Draw a picture of Mount Vesuvius and find out any interesting facts.

Take some family time, spend it well and enjoy!