30th June.


SODA 3006



30th June.


Fractions greater than 1.


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Maths worksheet 3006



30th June.

Learning Focus: Reading a poem and using it as an example for writing your own poem; redrafting and experimenting with line order before writing a final version.


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Y4_Day 5_Resources_Week 2


30th June.

Read your book for ten minutes. Think about the characters, think about how they are feeling. See if you can predict what is going to happen in the book from the front cover.



30th June.

Practice your spellings.


Spelling worksheets 3006

Wider Curriculum.


Identifying how sounds are made, associating some of them with something vibrating.


30th June.


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Changing Sound Worksheet A

Changing Sound Worksheet B

Changing Sound Worksheet C

Changing Sound Worksheet Question Cards