Year 3 and 4 Cycle B Block 4

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1st March.

Planning and writing an Ode.


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English Monday 0103


1st March.


Read pages 24-29 and answer the following questions for discussion in the zoom meeting.

Why did Laura say it was the worst day of her life?

Who did Laura blame for Billy leaving?

What did Billy not want to do for all his life?

Where did Billy and Laura go when they didn’t want anyone else to hear?

What was the name of the ship that Billy was going to leave on?

What was going to be his job on the ship?

Where was Laura when she watched the ship sail out past St.Agnes?

What colour were the ships’ sails?

How does she describe the colour of them?



1st March.

Practice your spellings on Edshed.

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Handwriting Sheets 0103



1st March.

Leonardo da Vinci.

To explain how Leonardo da Vinci’s ideas influenced other artists and scholars during the Renaissance and Modern day.


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Leonardo da Vinci Work6


1st March.


The Rainbow people.

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