5th March.


SODA 0503


5th March.

Divide 2-digit numbers by 10 to create 1-place decimal numbers.


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Dividing by 10 Sheet 1



5th March.

Creating a Storyboard.


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5th March.

Read p49-61 and answer the questions below.

What was Laura trying to do for the turtle?

What did Laura use to carry the seawater in?

What was Laura’s idea to get the turtle back into the sea?

Where did Laura see a gig?

Who was in Billy’s place in the gig?

What things did Laura try to feed to the turtle?

What did Granny May first suggest that the turtle could eat?

What did the turtle actually eat?

What creature left their curly casts on the sand?



5th March.


Test yourself on the spelling words. Let us know on ClassDojo how many you got correct.


5th March.


Watch the Joe Wicks video.


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5th March.


Votes for schools.


Has lockdown made the internet more dangerous?

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