Today in Soda can you practise your

2, 5, 3, 10, 4, and 8 times tables

Times tables games – Learn them all here!

Times tables games – Learn them all here!Times tables games – Learn them all here!



In Maths today we will be looking at what perimeter is and how we work the perimeter out.

Activity What is perimeter?

Spr3.8.4 – What is perimeter? activity on Vimeo






See the source image

Read through the worksheet and add capital letters, full stops, inverted commas for direct speech.


Make sure that you read your reading book as an extra challenge see if you can write a summary of your reading book!

For an extra challenge I have added a comprehension for you to complete. Don’t forget to use the text to help you.

Reading Comprehension 11 Bronze Age


I have added an extract for you to copy out using your very best handwriting, don’t forget to form your letters how we have practiced.

Tuesday handwriting 28.3.22


Draw a healthy eating plate.

See the source image

and we will design and draw in the upcoming lessons.

Wider curriculum:

locate countries on a map.

2020-y3geog_eng_rsh_world_map (cornerstoneseducation.co.uk)