Today in Soda can you have a go at the Maths flashback questions.



In Maths we have been learning about multiplying and dividing. Today we are going to look at multiplying by 2,4 and 8. You have already learnt the skills you need, so we are going to apply them to different calculations.

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Tuesday 6.7.21 Maths Slides

Tuesday 6.7.21 Maths Sheets

Tuesday Maths Extention 6.7.21


In English today I would like you to proofread the text extract and correct the grammatical mistakes.

Proofreading sheet 1


Make sure that you read your reading book or log on to Epic, as an extra challenge see if you can write a summary of your reading book!

For an extra challenge I have added a comprehension for you to complete. Don’t forget to use the text to help you.

Tuesday 6.7.21


I have added an extract for you to copy out using your very best handwriting, don’t forget to form your letters how we have practiced.

Tuesday handwriting 29.6.21


In P.E today we are going to be using our Yoga skills again to do ‘Cosmic Yoga.’

Cosmic Yoga


Todays assembly is all about stranger danger.

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