Today in Soda can you have a go at the Maths flashback questions.

SODA 28.6.21


In Maths last week we were multiplying by 3. Today we are going to be dividing by 3. Don’t forget when we are dividing we can use our multiplications to help us.

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Monday 28.6.21

Maths Monday 28.6.21


As an extra challenge here is your 3 and 6 times tables.

3x table practise

6x table practise


On Friday we learnt about ‘Noun Phrases’, some of you struggled a little bit with these so today we are going to take another look. For today’s lesson please click here.




Make sure that you read your reading book or log on to Epic, as an extra challenge see if you can write a summary of your reading book!

For an extra challenge I have added a comprehension for you to complete.

Comprehension 3


Don’t forget to practise your spellings on Edshed, if you cannot access Edshed I have put them below.

Spellings w.c 28.6.21



In wider curriculum we are going to carry on today learning about being healthy and our digestive system. Today we are going to be looking at out teeth.

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There are 3 sheets, you only need to choose 1 sheet to do.

Science week 3 Teeth 28.6.21