How many words that use the /ee/ sound.

Put these into groups depending on the grapheme they use.

ey – monkey, chimney

y – baby, teddy

ie – believe, achieve


Addition and subtraction

If you have a dice you can use this.

Pick two numbers randomly – add these together – take the largest away from the smallest.

Now repeat with 2 different numbers. You can challenge yourself by using 2-digit or even 3-digit number.

Remember to use your number bonds to 10 to help with this.


Yesterday, you created a WANTED poster for the wolf.

Can you now create a MISSING poster for Little Red Riding Hood.

Include details such as:

Where she was last seen

What was she wearing?

What was she carrying?

Who was the last person to see her and talk to her?

Is there a reward?

Don’t forget to add a picture of Little Red Riding Hood too.



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Keep singing the Song of Sounds song



We have been learning about Sikhs this week – how much can you remember?



Upload the pictures that you draw to Class Dojo