How many different words can you think of to describe an animal

I will start you off …

fluffy kitten

fierce wolf


4th March

Today we will be counting in 10s and 2s and showing that we can recognise and describe patterns.

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4th March

Go to https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0esdaXtf0Yo&t=334s and listen to a different reading of Diary of a Wombat.

  • Which reading of the story did you like most?
  • Give reasons as to why you prefer your choice.

Read the set of Conjunctions.

  • Now read the pairs of sentences on Wombat’s Busy Day.

Rewrite each pair of sentences as one full sentence with a conjunction linking the two parts.

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Today on our Zoom session we will be talking about this picture.


Today we are looking at the difference between ‘a-e’ and ‘ai’.

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Log on to phonics play and work on the level that you are confident with.


Complete one of the handwriting sheets in your pack, use the guide lines to help you to keep the letters the correct size. Check that you have spelt these words correctly. Can you use these words in sentences of your own. You can either write these or talk about them to someone else. Your sentences must make sense.

Now you can go on to Edshed to play some of the games on there to help you to learn your spellings.


Task 1:

Can you make a model spitfire. You can colour this in. Now it is time for a test flight. How far can your model spitfire travel?






1. Go to www.languageangels.com

2. Click LOGIN in the top right corner of the screen.

3. Select the HOME SCHOOL option.

4. Enter USERNAME: Starac4199 and PASSWORD: lahome

5. Select the Spanish Flag and then UNIT 3

6. Select LESSON 4 and click START LESSON.

7. Enjoy learning using all the resources provided in your lesson.

8. Click BACK TO DASHBOARD to select your next lesson.