Wednesday 26thJanuary 2022

Practise your capital letters using the printable worksheet below.



Wednesday 26th January 2022

Listen to the story, ‘Last Stop on Market Street’ using the link below:


Last Stop On Market Street Christian Robinson Y1 Y3 Y4

Look at the picture of CJ waiting at the bus stop. Write sentences like the one below describing Nana and CJ’s wait.

E.g. Waiting, waiting, waiting. Pondering, pondering, pondering. Standing, standing, standing.

How did CJ wave to his friend Colby? Think of a word to describe how excited he was. Now add it to the sentence.

E.g. CJ waved ____________________________to his friend Colby, who was going home n the car.

You could use ‘ excitedly, happily or gleefully’

What did he say to his Nana? Make a sentence like the one below:

E.g.’I wish we had a car ‘, CJ said.


Wednesday 26th January 2022

Click here to listen to our phonics song – Song of Sounds Stage 2.


Can you remember the rhyme and action for this split diagraph?

Can you also remember the rhymes and actions for the other ‘o-e’ sounds we have looked at this week; ow and oa?

Now think of as many o_e words as you can and write them down.

Choose three of your words and write one sentence for each word.

Challenge – Can you also use the conjunction ‘and’ in your sentences?



Wednesday WO1 Add By Counting On

Wednesday PPT1 Add By Counting On



Work through the Powerpoint presentation then complete the printable worksheet.


Wednesday 26th January 2022

Design a supermarket sandwich. Look and taste some different types of bread.

E.g, french stick, wraps, roll, brown /white bread

Think about who might buy a supermarket sandwich. What would you choose to put on it.

Wednesday Supermarket Sandwich

Fill in the printable sheet above thinking aout what you would put on the sandwich.