The zoom meeting will commence at 9.30am.

Click here to access the link to today’s Zoom meeting.

You may be asked for the following login details;

Meeting ID: 979 8650 0731
Passcode: vD3eas


Please choose from any of the following activities;

30th June

Bake and decorate cupcakes. Click here to access a simple baking recipe.

Play your favourite board game or complete a jigsaw puzzle with your grown up.

Draw a picture of something that you would like to do over the summer holidays.

Make some sock puppets and then put on a puppet show.

Click here to access a recipe for making cupcakes. I would love to see some of the cupcakes you have made at home!


30th June

Task 1: Write today’s date using the format – date, month, year.

Task 2: Read the following words, then write a sentence for each word;




Task 3: Complete the following math’s calculations. It might be useful to write out each question, to provide room for working out;

13 + 7 =

4 x 2 =

11 + 9 =

8 + 2 =

8 + 9 =

13 + 6 =

6 x 2 =

19 + 10 =


30th June

5 Times Tables

Task 1: Can you work out the answers to the 5 times tables, from 1 x 5 = through to 12 x 5 =.

Can you remember the method that we learnt at school? We drew 5 groups and put equal amounts of circles/dots into each group.

For example; 1 x 5 – draw five circles and put 1 dot into each circle. How many dots do we have altogether?

Alternatively, you might prefer to use the 100 square (above) and count across, five at a time.


30th June

Task 1: Click here to listen again to our class story; Little Red Riding Hood by Lari Don.

Task 2: Today, I would like you to think about what happens next after the story has ended. Little Red Riding Hood’s mum has decided to throw a party to thank the “wood-cutter”, but somebody has come to the party and tried to ruin it.

Who could that be?

What have they done to ruin the party?

How does Little Red Riding Hood feel?

How does Little Red Riding Hood’s Grandma react?

Task 3: Draw a picture to illustrate your new story. Label the characters.


30th June

Click here to listen to our phonics song – Song of Sounds Stage 2.


Can you remember the rhyme and action for this split diagraph?

Can you also remember the rhymes and actions for the other ‘ee’ sounds we have looked at this week; ee and ea?

Now think of as many e_e words as you can and write them down.

Choose three of your words and write one sentence for each word.

Challenge – Can you also use the conjunction ‘and’ in your sentences?


30th June

Animals and their offspring

Task 1: Can you name the adults of the following offspring;










Task 2: Sort the above offspring into two groups; offspring that do look like their adults when they are born and offspring which do not look like their adults when they are born.


30th June

Being kind

Why is it really important to be kind?

What things can you do to be kind to your friends and family?

Think of your ideas and then make a mind-map to record all of your brilliant answers. Try to think of at least 6 ways that you can do to make sure that you are being kind.