The zoom meeting will commence at 9.30am.

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You may be asked for the following login details;

Meeting ID: 998 4393 7018
Passcode: HZ2G78

We will be using the following picture as a resource;


29th June

Task 1: Write todays date using the format – date, month, year.

Task 2: Decide which of the following words is an adjective;





Task 3: Can you put this adjective into a sentence and write it down?


29th June

Warm – up: 2x tables

Practise saying your 2 times tables to 12.


Task 1: Look at the square above. Can you draw this shape then cut it into quarters? What do you notice about each quarter?

Task 2: Now draw a circle, a rectangle and a diamond and practise cutting your shapes into quarters.


29th June

Task 1: Click here to listen to our class story; The Little Red Riding Hood by Lari Don.

Task 2:

An interview with Little Red Riding Hood

Think of three questions that you would like to ask Little Red Riding Hood at the end of the story. For example; Why is red your favourite colour? What made you realise that the wolf was pretending to be Granny?

Write down your questions, then ask your grown up to pretend to be Little Red Riding Hood. Ask your questions to your grown up and see if you can write down their reply.

Task 3: Draw a picture of Little Red Riding hood to illustrate your interview writing.


29th June

Click here to sing and join in with the actions to our phonics song – Song of Sounds, Stage 2.

Yesterday we focussed on the ‘ee’ sound. Can you remember the rhyme and the action for this sound?


Can you remember the rhyme and the action for the ‘ea’ sound.

Think of and write down as many words with the ‘ea’ sound and spelling that you can think of.

Choose three of your words and write a sentence for each.

Challenge: Can you also use the word ‘because’ in your sentences?


29th June

Practise correctly forming the letters;    u    w    e

Think of and write down three words which start with each of the above letters.


29th June

Click here to access the link to Joe Wicks PE at home.


29th June

The basic needs of animals and humans

Task 1: There are for basic needs that animals and humans need to survive; food, water, oxygen and shelter. Can you make a poster to explain why each of these needs are important for humans and animals to stay alive and be healthy?

Task 2: Complete the comprehension questions, making sure that you are writing in full sentences.