During this period of isolation, Year 1 zoom meetings will commence daily from Monday 28th June.

Please check back to access login details for the meetings.



24th June

Task 1: Write todays date using the format – date, month, year.

Task 2: Practise writing the days of the week in order.

Challenge: Can you write the month’s of the year in order?

Task 3: How many different words can you think of for the word ‘cold’.


2 times tables

Task 1: Practise learning your 2 times tables, click here to watch the video to help you.

Challenge: Without using the video to help, see if you can independently write out your 2 times tables to 12, using the following format.

1 x 2 = ___

2 x 2 = ___

Use the following numbers to make two 2 digit numbers which are less than 85 but more than 65 – 2, 8, 9, 7, 2.


24th June

Task 1: Click here to listen to our class story – Little Red Riding Hood, by Lari Don

Task 2: Have a good look at the picture above. Little Red Riding Hood is picking daisies in the forest. Can you think of any other flower types Little Red Riding Hood could be picking? Make a list of all of the flower names that you can think of.

Task 3: Now think of adjectives to describe the flowers that you have listed and use them to write full sentences. For example; Little Red Riding hood picked some delicate dancing daisies.


24th June

Click here to listen to Stage 2 Song of Sounds.

Task 1: Use the above link to sing our Song of Sounds song to your grown up, can you remember all of the actions?

Task 2: Click to access the Tricky words that we have been focussing on this week.

Challenge: Can you choose four tricky words and write a sentence for each?


Can you remember the song and action for the ‘ai’ sound?

How many words can you think of with the ‘ai’ sound in, remember that your words need to have the correct ‘ai’ spelling.

Can you choose two of your words and write one sentence for each word?


24th June

This week we have practised correctly forming the letters; n, m, h.

Can you practise forming these letters at home?


24th June

My Body

Look at the above picture of ‘My Body’. Can you draw your own person and add all of the correct labels to your picture? there are twelve labels in total.