1st March

The zoom meeting will commence at 1pm.

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You may be asked for the following login details;

Meeting ID: 990 7192 7032
Passcode: 6cSKhZ

We will be using the following picture as a resource;


1st March

Task 1: Practice writing today’s date using the format – date, month, year.

Task 2: How many different words can you think of for the word ‘cold’? write down as many as you can.

Task 3: Add 10 to the following numbers;






1st March

Click here to listen to today’s lesson starter.

Bigger or smaller?

Task 1: Write down which number is biggest.

6     9

10     15

23     29

44     48

52     57

61     63

Task 2: Complete the worksheet ‘Missing Numbers Sheet 1’.

Task 3: Complete the worksheet ‘Missing Numbers Sheet 2’.


1st March

Task 1: Click here to listen to the story Superheroes – All sorts. The story says that ordinary people can be superheroes. Do you know any superheroes? (You might want to think of some of the people who have been carrying on their jobs while some of us stay safe at home – NHS workers, postal workers and so on).

Task 2: Think about the famous superheroes you know. On the worksheet ‘My favourite superhero is…’ draw your superhero and write out your super hero name.

Task 3: Underneath your superhero picture, write two things explaining what you really like about them. For example; Batman is really brave and I like his cool utility belt.

Task 4: Have you ever been brave and courageous like a superhero? What did you do? Using the worksheet ‘When I was a superhero’, draw a picture of you as a superhero and write a sentence to explain what you did. Don’t forget to use finger spaces, a capital letter and a full stop.


1st March

Click here to access the link to today’s phonics starter.


Task 1: How many words can you think of with the ‘oy’ sound? Click here to see if you thought of more ‘oy’ words than Geraldine the Giraffe.

Task 2: Read the following words, then put each word into a sentence and write it down.







1st March

Complete the handwriting sheets provided.

Remember to read the word, trace the word and write the word.

Challenge: Choose 2 words of your choice and write a sentence for each word.


1st March

Where is Stoke on Trent?

Task 1: Can you research and pin point on your map of the UK where Stoke on Trent is?

Task 2: Using the map above can you locate the 6 towns which make up Stoke on Trent and write them in the correct places on your map?


1st March

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