Friday 21st January 2022

Practise your capital letters on the printable handwriting sheet below.



Friday 21st January 2022


Watch the clip of the story above.

What do you think Nana is trying to teach CJ? Do you think she might be trying to teach him to see the beauty around him or that we should be kind to others?

Write a sentence t explain what Nana might say to CJ.

Eg. ‘The important thing in life, CJ, is to see the eauty in everyone,’ she replied.


Friday 21st  January 2022


Click here to listen to Stage 2 Song of Sounds.

Click to practice the Tricky Words that we have been working on this week.


Can you remember the song and action to this sound?

How many words can you think of with the ‘ee’ sound in? remember that your words need to have the correct ‘ie’ spelling.

Choose three of your words and write a sentence for each.

Now do the same for words with ‘ie’ and ‘i-e’.



Watch the video clip using the link below.


Now complete the printable worksheet below.

Friday Add Ones Using Number Bonds 2020