25th June

During this period of isolation, Year 1 zoom meetings will commence daily from Monday 28th June.

Please check back to access login details for the meetings.


25th June

Task 1: Write todays date using the format – date, month, year.

Task 2: Write a sentence for each of the following high frequency words;




Challenge; Can you also use the conjunctions ‘because’ or ‘but’  in your sentences?


25th June

Task 1: Can you answer the following times table questions?

3 x 2 =

8 x 2 =

1 x 2 =

11 x 2 =

5 x 2 =

Task 2: Practise writing out the words to numbers to 10. For example; 1 – one, 2 – two.

Task 3: Look at the shapes above. Can you cut each shape into half? What is special about each half?


25th June

Task 1: Click here to watch the video about wolves.

Task 2: Think about the following questions;

How do wolves look?

How do wolves sound?

How do wolves move?

Task 3: Think about your answers to Task 2, then make a mind map to record your ideas.


25th June

Click here to listen to Stage 2 Song of Sounds.

Click to practice the Tricky Words that we have been working on this week.


Can you remember the song and action to this sound?

How many words can you think of with the ‘ay’ sound in? remember that your words need to have the correct ‘ay’ spelling.

Choose three of your words and write a sentence for each.



25th June

Practice forming letters; o, a, c.

Can you think of and write down three words which start with each of the letters; o, a, c?


25th June

Click here to access the link to Kidz bop dance along.Try to follow at least two of the dances.


25th June

Click below to access the link to this weeks class assembly.

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