Week commencing- 01.03.21


Reading-Collins eBooks( Usernames and passwords already provided on Class Dojo)


Activity 3


Begin by listening to ‘ Song of Sounds’


Phoneme- ‘ow’

Watch the recorded lesson below:

Recorded lesson- ‘ow’


Phonics Play

We use a website called Phonics Play to practise our phonic skills. Click on the link below to access the whole website or click the pictures to access a range of games played within the classroom. All games listed are set to Phase 2, if your child excels at these select Phase 3 within the game options to increase the difficulty.



Use the above link to ‘Ten Town’ and complete the activities up to 20


Activity 2

Watch the story of ‘Bumps in the Night’ again. In the story the skeleton dog gets painted all different colours and patterns. Use the sheet in your pack to paint or colour the dog with different colourful patterns.

UTW and Creative Activity 2

Creative Activity 2 (1)



Activity 1

In our Jigsaw curriculum we are working on Puzzle 4 – Healthy Me

Think about the activities you did in the last session. (jumping, hopping, skipping, running etc). Can you remember what happened to your heart beat? Why is it important to exercise? Try doing something energetic for a few minutes again. Try and notice how your body changes.

Now, lie down on your back with your hands on your tummy. Feel your tummy go up and down as you breathe in and out.Stretch your body as long as you can. Let your body relax and go floppy. Breathe in and imagine your body filling with air. Breathe out and go floppy. Sit up gently and have a big stretch. How do you feel?





Over the past few weeks there has been lots of wonderful learning about the world, completed both in the academy and at home. Now, here is a chance for the whole family to get creative and tell us everything you know about the world.

This could be something close to HOME, the city of LONDON, the country of ITALY, the continent of NORTH AMERICA or even one of your own family holidays! It could be the food, the clothes, the land, the language, the customs – anything you’ve learnt. And it doesn’t have to be just writing – it could use any art or crafts that reveal what you know. Here are some ideas to get you started:

Please note, this can be completed instead of one of the afternoon activities for the children and is an opportunity to work on something together. 

We will be supplying some materials to get you and your family started including some sugar paper, an outline of the world, etc. – but the rest is up to you! They can be collected with the remote learning packs on Monday.

Be as creative as you like. After all the family have finished their challenge, please upload your creation to ClassDojo so we can all share in what you’ve come up with.

Good luck!

The Star Academy Team