Song of Sounds

Today we are learning the sound ‘ou’


Click here to access the video link

Can you think of some words with this sound in?



This week we are reading the story ‘Owl babies’

Click here to access a video of the story

Can you decide if these facts are true or false?

Click here to find the statements, please share your ideas on class dojo.


In maths today we are looking at comparing mass using the words ‘heavier’ and ‘lighter’

Ten Town!


Click here to access ten town

Please have a go at activities using numbers to 10.


We are looking at night time visitors and which animals come out at night, these animals are called nocturnal.

Click here to watch the animal nightcam video.

How do you think animals find food in the dark?

Why not try a game using a blindfold – get your grown up to get bowls of different foods that smell strongly, using a blindfold so you can’t see, have a go at smelling what’s in the bowl and taking a guess at what it could be. It could be chocolate, coffee, onion, strawberries.