Song of Sounds

Today we are learning the sound ‘air’


Can you have a go at writing some words with ‘air’ in?

For example, ‘hairy’ ‘hair’ ‘chair’ ‘fair’

Click here to access the song of sounds song.


This week we have been reading the story ‘Owl Babies’

Today I would like you to have a go at retelling the story.

Could you use things around your house for props? e.g. 3 wooden spoons could be the owls.

Get your grown ups to video you retelling the story and share it on class dojo.


Today we are looking at capacity and exploring filling different sized containers.

Ten Town


Click here to access



Light and dark – colour mixing.

Using different coloured paints have a look at the different shades that can be made, think about these questions;

How can you make the paint lighter?

How can you make the paint darker?

What colour have you mixed?

What will you call your colour?