Phonics w/c 24th January

This week we are looking at all of the sounds that we have learnt so far.

How many of the sounds can you remember? Can you do all of the actions?

Click here to access the song.


This week we are reading the story ‘How to catch a star’

Click here for a video reading of the story.

Can you think of different ways to catch a star?

Please share these on class dojo with us.


This week we are looking at the composition of the numbers 6,7 and 8!

Please find this weeks work below

All About 6 LA

Composition Of 6 MA

Composition Of 7 HA

Ten Town!

Click here to access ten town.

Understanding of the world


Today we are playing a game called ‘catch the moon’

Using a ball roll, bounce, throw and catch with your child. Ask ‘Can you throw the moon? Can you catch the moon?’ Challenge your child to think of different ways to move the ball around the space passing it to one another. Encourage them to the names of person they are playing with before passing it on.