Song of Sounds

Today we are looking at all of the sounds that we have learnt over the week.

We have learnt ‘oo’, ‘oo’, ‘ar’, ‘or

Click here to access

Can you blend some green words together?



Reading – Collins eBooks( usernames and passwords already provided on Class Dojo)



Begin by listening to ‘ Song of Sounds’


Tricky Words

Please find the tricky words that you need to learn in your pack. They were also sent on Dojo last week. These are words that you need to know how to read and spell.

Tricky words song


Phonics Play

We use a website called Phonics Play to practise our phonic skills. Click on the link below to access the whole website or click the pictures to access a range of games played within the classroom. All games listed are set to Phase 2, if your child excels at these select Phase 3 within the game options to increase the difficulty.


Maths Focus – Activity 3

Can you fill in the missing numbers on the sheets? If you need to use a number line to help you, that is fine.


Maths Focus Activity 3

Maths Activity 3- Missing numbers



Activity 3

Try making some gingerbread skeletons using the recipe below, or you could use ready made, shop bought gingerbread men. We can’t wait to see your spooky creations on Dojo!

UTW Creative Activity 3-gingerbread-skeletons-recipe


Have a go at the ‘Go Noodle ‘ dance routines below:

Go Noodle

Go Noodle 2