Please click on the link below to view the home learning timetable.

Home Learning Timetable

All activites for today are set out below!

Week Beginning 28.02.21


This week we are learning about the story “Funnybones – The Mystery Tour”.

Share our story of the week with your child at home. Click on the link below…

Funnybones – The Mystery Tour



Puzzle 4 – Healthy Me

Piece 2 – I like to move it move it!

Use the videos above to get your bodies moving. When you have completed the dancing songs…  think about how do you feel? How does it make your body and mood feel? Are you happy or sad?

Discuss with an adult what you need to do to stay healthy & what does your heart do when exercising?

Click on the links below to join in with the 3 videos…


I Like To Move It (Original Video) Madagascar HD – YouTube


Superman – YouTube


I am the Music Man – YouTube


Extra Activity

Can you make an obstacle course outside and complete it? Or you can use a timer to time how many star jumps, jumps or hopping on the spot you can do in a minute. Challenge yourself … can you beat your previous score?


Please click on the link below and complete the Ten Town work.

Ten Town



This week in Phonics we are continuing to work on our oral blending/ segmenting skills! Please click on the link below and join in with the ‘Song of Sounds’.

Song of Sounds 

Please click on the links below to access a ‘Metal Mike’ activity!

Robot Poster

cvc cards

Ask a grown up to sound talk a picture card e.g c-a-t. Can you blend the sounds together (cat), find the correct picture and feed it to Metal Mike the robot? Repeat for several goes!


This week our story of the week is Funnybones ‘Mystery Tour’. Discuss the setting with a grown up. What time of day is the story set? Talk about day and night.

Watch the powerpoint below.

Day or night powerpoint

Now click on the link to access a sorting activity. Can you sort the day/ night cards correctly?

Day or night sorting


Please click on the link below to join in with a Soundpots music session!

Have Fun!!!

Time for a Cuppa – Session 4

You can also try these weekly wellbeing activities.

You can scan the QR codes on the leaflet with your phone’s camera to take you straight to the activities. Just open your camera on your phone, hold it over the QR code and your phone should recognise it and take you straight to the activity.  Click on the link below…

Weekly-Wellbeing-Foundation-Week-1-1.pdf (teachpeec.com)


Over the past few weeks there has been lots of wonderful learning about the world, completed both in the academy and at home. Now, here is a chance for the whole family to get creative and tell us everything you know about the world.
This could be something close to HOME, the city of LONDON, the country of ITALY, the continent of NORTH AMERICA or even one of your own family holidays! It could be the food, the clothes, the land, the language, the customs – anything you’ve learnt. And it doesn’t have to be just writing – it could use any art or crafts that reveal what you know. Here are some ideas to get you started:
Please note, this can be completed instead of one of the afternoon activities for the children and is an opportunity to work on something together. 
We will be supplying some materials to get you and your family started including some sugar paper, an outline of the world, etc. – but the rest is up to you! They can be collected with the remote learning packs on Monday.
Be as creative as you like. After all the family have finished their challenge, please upload your creation to ClassDojo so we can all share in what you’ve come up with.
Good luck!

The Star Academy Team