Please click on the link below to view the home learning timetable.

Home Learning Timetable

All activites for today are set out below!

Week Beginning 28.02.21


This week we are learning about the story “Funnybones – The Mystery Tour”.

Share our story of the week with your child at home. Click on the link below…

Funnybones – The Mystery Tour


Now you have watched the story of “The Mystery Tour” we would like you to create a map to show the Funnybones how to get to the secret party. Can you include some of the clues on your maps?

Use the examples of maps below to help you understand what a map looks like…

Literacy Activity 1 Map examples

Now you have looked at some examples of maps use the powerpoint to draw the route to the party on your map. I will record this as a lesson to help you. (not yet live.)

Literacy Activity 1 Powerpoint – Maps

Now can you use the template below to draw your own map and the route to the party that the Funnybones will need to take.

Literacy Activitiy 1 – Mystery Tour Map


Please click on the link below and complete the Ten Town work.

Ten Town




Click on the link below and watch the “Song of Sounds” song.

Song of Sounds

In phonics this week we are continuing to learn about oral blending and segmenting. Please watch the video of Mrs Turner’s phonics lesson and join in at home.

Mrs Turner’s recorded phonics lesson (not yet live)

Now can you use the sound talk activity below to match the picture to the CVC word, ask an adult to use sound talk when saying the word and can you guess the word they are saying?

Phonics Activity 1


Watch the video below about your skeleton…

The Skeletal System – Educational Video about Bones for KIds – YouTube

Now use the picture of a skeleton below to help you draw your own picture of a skeleton on the template provided.


EAD Activity 1 Blank Skeleton

EAD Activity 1 – My Skeleton Drawing


Click on the link below to watch an assembly with Mrs Lewis

[Bad mood bear assembly] – PowerPoint Slide Show – [Bad mood bear assembly] (loom.com)