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Star Academy, Burnaby Road, Tunstall, Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire, ST6 5PT  |  Tel: 01782 235055

Academy Advocates

We are keen for our pupils to have ownership over their Academy. They play an integral part not only in their learning but also in key decisions relating to Academy life. We are proud to have Academy Advocates who assist the staff team and school community in a variety of ways. They are as follows :-

Head Boy :- Harrison Williams
Deputy Head Boy :- Martin Ward
Head Girl :- Olivia ArthurDSC_6344
Deputy Head Girl :- Scarlett Evans

Star Learning Ambassadors:-

Year 1 – Maisie Lowe (green) & Max Maltby (green)
Year 2 – Aimen Fatima (bronze), Faith Abura-Gaunt (green), Hanu Hawar (green), Eleanor Tinsley (bronze) & Sienna Pearce (green)
Year 3 –  Katie Roper (bronze), Sienna Gilbert-Edwards (bronze), Lewis Martin (green), Sebastian Mannering (green), Rory Donkin-Beech, Joshua Arthur, Abdullah Subhani (bronze), Ana-Maria Ion (green) & Chloe Rowley (green)
Year 4 – Charlie Mainwaring-Brindley (silver), Dooley Price (green), Emilia Lech (silver), Michaela Windsor (green),  Calum Gibney (green), Aleesha Corbishley (green), Joshua Moreton (green), Kelsey Tabbinor (silver), Aleksandra Grosiak (silver), Tiffany Gilbert-Spencer, Poppy Homer, Lewis Nicholls, Malachy Holland (green), Lushaan Rabani (green) & Fatima Bi (silver)
Year 5 – Cody Smith (green), Ellie Roper (gold), Grace Leigh (gold), Abi Cumberlidge (gold), Jude Fowler (silver), Scarlet Greensall (silver), Leah Jones (green), Kizzy McCann (green), Aiden Walsh, Aimee Asplin (silver), Olivia Owen (bronze), Amelia Elson, Olivia Hulme (bronze), Keira Turner (bronze), Aaron Brittain, Connor Swift, Chloe Thorley & Noel Walmsley
Year 6 – Holly Maltby (platinum), Ella Wallace (gold), Travis Loska (silver), Kayleigh Johnson (silver), Harrison Williams (platinum), Phoebe Hargreaves (gold), Dora Price (silver), Patrick Stokes (bronze), Dale Jenkins-Ferriday (green), Dylan Jenkins-Ferriday (bronze), Morgan Haslam, Sophie Duncan (silver), Riley Fryer, Scarlett Evans (silver), Macy Thomas-Brown (gold), Olivia Arthur (gold), Paige Greatbatch-Bourne (green), Bobby Jane Holland (green), Brandon Cooper (green), Martin Ward (bronze) & Millie Homer

Junior Leadership Team:- Macy Thomas-Brown, Travis Loska, Holly Maltby, Phoebe Leese, (Year 6)

Stoke City Football Club Primary Stars Ambassadors:- Ella Wallace & Riley Fryer (Year 6)

Pupil Voice Members:-

Year 1 – Zainab Hussain and Max Maltby
Year 2 – Riley Turner and Julia Grosiak
Year 3 – Paige Machin and Lewis Martin
Year 4 – Ethan Hampton and Poppy Homer
Year 5 – Jude Fowler and Olivia Owen
Year 6 – Dylan Jenkins-Ferriday and Ella Wallace

House Captains:-

Red Vega:- Dylan Jenkins-Ferriday
Blue Mira:- Kayleigh Johnson
Yellow Castor:- Riley Fryer
Green Orion:- Paige Greatbatch-Bourne