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Star Academy, Burnaby Road, Tunstall, Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire, ST6 5PT  |  Tel: 01782 235055

Why Your Child is Safe At Our Academy

Star Academy Sandyford and Academy Transformation Trust prioritise the safeguarding of our pupils.Your child’s safety is of paramount importance and we have clear and consistent procedures in place to ensure that your child is safe. We meet all of the statutory requirements and regularly monitor safeguarding provision.

We have a lead member of staff responsible for Child Protection and Safeguarding (Assistant Principal) who meets regularly with the lead governors for safeguarding to monitor the impact of what we have in place; also ensuring we adhere to all legislation.

 Below is an overview of the areas of academy life which ensure the safety of our children.

  • Safe recruitment of staff – including training of interview panel and DBS checks.
  • Clear and regularly reviewed policies for child protection, behaviour, safeguarding and many other related policies.
  • Site safety – our academy has security doors on the main entrance and electronic gates that require a member of our office team to activate entry into the academy.  All visitors report to the main office in order to gain access to the building. The academy is also covered by security cameras, all images are recorded on tape. Outside doors are locked during lesson time as a form of added security.  We have a secure fenced school boundary which is regularly inspected and improved where necessary.
  • We hold regular discussions with the children regarding what is in place in our academy to keep them safe and to improve awareness of their personal safety, including what to do and who to speak to if they have any worries or concerns. We hold pupil interviews and questionnaires annually to check that pupil’s feel safe.
  • E safety – we have clear procedures that all children use, in order to improve their safety whilst on the internet at school and at home. We train 2 children from each year group (Y2-6) to be Childnet Digital Leaders and they support the continuous safety and remind peers of the need to remain safe within lessons. 
  • We have high expectations of behaviour and our behaviour across the academy is good. We have a positive discipline policy which enables children to be clear about their responsibilities with regard to behaviour. We work in partnership with our parents/carers if there are any concerns.
  • We don’t tolerate bullying and we act swiftly and procedures if there are any concerns or issues
  • Educational visits are always risk assessed. We ensure the ratio of adults to children meets or exceeds requirements so that your children can enjoy their school trips. 
  • We have 3 members of staff who are fully trained Paediatric First Aiders accompanied with 4 staff who are First Aid trained. We also have 3 designated Asthma Leaders. Staff are also trained to deal with specific medical needs of children and administer care plan requirements. 
  • We are an inclusive school and hold the National Centre of Excellence and Inclusion Quality Mark acknowledging the fantastic work we do to support all our children irrespective of their needs. Our Inclusion leader/SENCO works closely with our children and their families to support any additional needs effectively.
  • Health and Safety must be rigorous at all times. Our regional estates manager has a termly meeting with the Principal to monitor and discuss all aspects of H&S.
  • We provide an termly safeguarding report to governors. This ensures all aspects of safety provision are up to date. We complete an annual safeguarding audit for Academy Transformation Trust and Stoke On Trent Safeguarding and Children’s Boards.
  • We have a strong belief in partnership working with our families. Our open door policy means that effective communication can take place.
  • We work with Stoke On Trent Co-operative Working Services to provide any additional support to our families and children if and when it is needed.

If you are worried about the safety or wellbeing of a child, please contact:

Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL): Mrs Caroline Lewis – 01782 235055

Deputy DSL: Julie Parker-Bowen, SENCO assistant  – 01782 235055

If you have concerns about a teacher, please contact:

Mrs Bobbie Caisley, Executive Principal – 01782 235055

If you have concerns about the Principal, please contact:

Miss Sue Finney – Chair of Governors – 01782 235055 (ask for Miss Finney to ring you back)

If school is closed and you have an urgent concern about a child’s welfare and believe them to be at risk of significant harm you could call the Police on 999 or make contact with Stoke On Trent Children’s Social Care Emergency out of hours on 01782 234567

The Academy’s Safeguarding Policy can be found here:-

Safeguarding Policy 2018-2019

We follow Child Protection Procedures as per the Stoke On Trent Policy. 

Child Protection Procedures – SCC

Working Together to Safeguard Children is a government document that we use to inform our practices. 

Lockdown Procedures

As part of our safeguarding and healthy and safety policies we have a plan for “lockdowns”. Lockdown procedures are important and would be used in response to an internal or external incident which could be a threat to the safety of staff and children in the academy.

Lockdown procedures may be activated in response to any number of situations, these may be:

  1. A reported incident, disturbance in the local community
  2. An intruder on the site
  3. A warning being received regarding a local risk of air pollution (smoke plume, gas cloud etc)
  4. A major fire in the vicinity of the school
  5. The close proximity of a dangerous dog roaming close

In the event of an actual lockdown parents will be notified by a text message as soon as possible.

Our lockdown procedure has restricted access. If you would like to see a copy please contact the academy office.